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About the Culture Bats

The Culture Bats debuted this year with their hit single Knives^3, which came out of nowhere and sped straight to number one. They soon followed up with their album release Gumballmachine Chic and we were fans for life. The Culture Bats have a unique sound drawing on a wide range of influence, from 80's new wave to X-Japan style balladeering to dancefloor electronica. Their members, like the Isaacs, come from all over the world to bring us beautiful music!

Be sure to check out the band's online journals (find the links on the links page)

The Culture Bats are not only talented, sexy and the hottest thing to hit our radios, they're extremely fan friendly and even have a fan section on their site. We've chosen to direct you to their comprehensive official website instead of repeating their awesome profile and lyrics section. Support them and buy their CD! In the meantime, check out these fun facts and rumors about the culture bats.

  • The Bats have a great love for their fans, and it's even said that J.J. surfs for dirty fanfiction featuring himself and the other bandmembers. Watch out, authors, he may be reading your fic right now!

  • L.L. has been spotted with Wicked Isaacs bandmember Skye Schezar. Rumor has it that they're quite close... perhaps even more than friends?

  • Badboy L.J. and Bats' youngest J.J. are the best of friends, but assure press that they're not "together". They have been spotted, alone and together, at Decadence nightclub.

  • J.J. and J.L. have been spotted lunching all over the city, including infamous host club "Chrysanthemum"

  • J.L., who's rumoured to be related to Isaac's singer Augustine, has been known to buy riding crops and light bondage gear! Does our favorite German have a dirty little secret?

  • L.L.'s silver Jaguar has been spotted at the big park down by central Shoujorama. Picnicking with Skye Schezar, hmm?

  • J.J. recently sold his Saab convertible because he was buying... a PINK BMW!